MIAC Hockey Rule Changes 14 Aug 13

 The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) on Tuesday announced several changes to take effect this season.  Last season, the NCAA officially added a shootout to its rule book as a way to settle overtime ties, and the MIAC men will take advantage of that opportunity as the first conference in NCAA Division III to adopt the shootout for conference games.  In addition, the MIAC men’s standings will change to a three-point system, with three points awarded for a regulation win, two for an overtime or shootout win, one for an overtime or shootout loss and no points for a regulation loss.  Under the old points system — two points to the winner, or one apiece in a tie — the parity in the MIAC was exemplified.  By moving to a three-point system, and adding the shootout, the MIAC coaches are hoping the championship and playoff seeds will have a better chance to be decided on the ice, rather than in complicated tiebreaking scenarios.  The coaches proposed and adopted the changes, which were then approved by the MIAC Athletic Directors and Faculty Athletic Representatives.