Hermann Footprint Marketing Ploy 13 Aug 13

After receiving national attention for “finding” a mysterious 4-foot-long footprint they claimed belonged to Hermann the German, tourism officials in New Ulm now admit that it was just part of a marketing campaign. The story from the New Ulm Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Terry Sveine about finding the 425-pound concrete cast of a footprint crated up in the office basement, along with a mysterious note, had gone national thanks to the Associated Press. Sveine now admits that the bureau commissioned a local artist to make the footprint as part of the “Germans Have More Fun” marketing campaign. The “Hermann Footprint” hangs outside the bureau’s office in downtown New Ulm, and the “legend” has it that touching it will lead people to “Have More Fun” in New Ulm. A contest to submit your idea of where the cast came from is still underway through the “Germans Have More Fun” website.