Fraud Investigator Alleged Fraud 19 Aug 13

A New Ulm man who works as a fraud investigator with Watonwan County has been charged with felony theft. 54-year-old Jeffrey Matthews is accused of claiming that he worked a full 8-hour day when he was in fact at home or just driving around. Investigators say he has claimed over $1,600 in wages for time he was not working. Matthews’ attorney, Chris Rosengren says that it’s all just a misunderstanding. Investigators had put a GPS device on Matthews’ car and tracked him, and discovered that he would spend a substantial portion of his day out of work, despite claiming that he worked 8 hours on his time card. His attorney says that Matthews was working, and that Watonwan County “Got what they paid for.” Matthews has reportedly been suspended with pay while the criminal case proceeds. His next court appearance is September 23rd.