Farmfest Sold To Farmers Union 08 Aug 13

Farmfest is underway, and it was announced on Tuesday that the annual agricultural expo has been sold to the American Farm Bureau. The Farm Bureau purchased Farmfest from IdeaAg, along with four other farm trade shows around the country. It also includes two publications. The details of the sale have not been disclosed, but American Farm Bureau officials say that they’re excited about the purchase, and that it enhances their mission. They also say that they will continue to support the current staff working at Farmfest.

Farmfest wraps up today (THU) at the Gilfillan Estate west of Morgan, and the annual trade show continues to be a big draw for politicians hoping to show their ties with Minnesota’s agricultural community. Governor Mark Dayton is scheduled to pay a visit to Farmfest today for a keynote speech to those in attendance.  Republican US Senate candidate Mike McFadden is also expected to stop by the event. Democratic Senator Al Franken made an appearance on Tuesday, and State Representative Kurt Zellers, a Republican candidate for governor, was at the farm show on Wednesday, along with local area State Senator Gary Dahms. KNUJ will again be broadcasting from Farmfest throughout the day today. The highlight of Day 3 is the Farm Family of the Year Recognition program this afternoon at 1:30.