A Bad Summer For Mosquitoes 21 Aug 13

If the number of mosquitoes seems worse to you this summer than it has in recent years, then it’s probably true. Experts say it’s been a buggier-than-normal summer in many places around the US because of a combination of drought, heavy rain and heat. Researchers found that last month in Minnesota there was triple the average number of mosquitoes. Parts of the Southeastern United States have also been seeing three times as many of the bloodsuckers this summer, while central California reports five times the recent average. There’s also been a dramatic rise in the number of cases of West Nile Virus in Minnesota and other states in recent weeks. As of Monday, there had been 25 confirmed human cases of the virus in our state, including 2 in Brown County, 1 in Redwood County, and 1 in Blue Earth County. There has been 1 death from West Nile in Minnesota so far this year.