Wheelage Tax 24 Jul 13

The Nicollet County Board has voted down a $10-per-vehicle tax for road projects. The final vote was 3-2 and the commissioners who voted against it were concerned partly about the potential state fee to administer the tax. Nicollet County Administrator Ryan Krosch said the state hasn’t said how much of the tax it will keep for administration, but he said some commissioners were concerned it would be too high and rise over time. Krosch said the tax would have collected just under $260,000 a year for road maintenance projects. Also Tuesday, the Renville County Board voted 4-1 to adopt the $10 wheelage tax. The tax is estimated to raise approximately $175,000, which will be applied toward interest costs on a $10 million bond issue the commissioners are considering to improve a portion of the county’s road system. Brown and LeSueur have also approved the tax and Blue Earth is among the counties to vote it down.