New Ulm City Council Preview 16 Jul 13

The New Ulm City Council today (TUE) is scheduled to consider having the city investigate the metal shredder at New Ulm Steel and Recycling to ensure it is in compliance with city code. The shredder was installed in January, and since that time complaints on noise and vibration have been received, along with debris being sprayed from the machine. There have been at least 3 explosions at New Ulm Steel in recent months stemming from the shredding process as well. The council is being asked to require testing for the noise and vibration, and also to determine “reasonable precautions” against the explosions and how many over what time period are acceptable. The cost of the testing would be around $3,400. In other business, the council will consider a request to allow cannon fire and fireworks for the “Double Anniversary Celebration” of the 125th anniversary of the Hermann Monument Cornerstone and the 150th anniversary of the New Ulm Battery on September 7th at Hermann Heights Park. Today’s New Ulm City Council meeting begins at 5pm at city hall.