New Henderson Royalty 01 Jul 13

The City of Henderson has new royalty, including a new Kraut King. The annual Sauerkraut Days festivities culminated in a kraut-eating contest in Henderson Sunday. Contestants included Rick “The Mexacutioner” Rodriguez, who had never eaten sauerkraut before, and an Elvis impersonator. Another began dry heaving and begging for water, then backed out. As part of the ruse, a plea went out to the former champions present. Brian Schneewind stepped up. He once downed two pounds of kraut in 60 seconds. On Sunday, he cleaned his plate in 67 seconds. Schneewind says he’s just always been able to eat fast. A new Miss Henderson was crowned over the weekend as well. Miss Henderson 2013 is Taylor Gilman, the daughter of Jerry and Kari Gilman. Crowned 1st Princess was Erica Traxler, the daughter of Brian and Joyce Traxler, and named 2nd Princess was Stephanie Winter, the daughter of Chuck and Dawn Winter.