Fatal NUPD Crash Settlement 15 Jul 13

The City of New Ulm has agreed to pay $570,000 to the family members of 2 people killed when a police car crashed into their vehicle in 2011. The city’s insurer has paid the money to heirs of 82-year-old Myra Meyer and her 60-year-old son, Brian Wichmann. The two were killed when Officer Mathew Rasmussen crashed into their vehicle on Garden Street in New Ulm while chasing a speeding suspect. Rasmussen was reportedly traveling at least 70 miles-per-hour and did not have his lights or siren on at the time. Meyer’s three other children sued the city and Rasmussen, claiming he was negligent. The settlement was finalized in May but details were not disclosed until now. The settlement includes no admission of wrongdoing.