Charges Upgraded in Minissale Case 24 Jul 13

A Minneapolis man has had first-degree murder charges filed against him for the murder of a Mankato woman in her home. A grand jury was convened Monday to start hearing evidence gathered during the investigation of the murder of 20 year old Yesenia Gonzales. Levi Minissale was arrested June 6 after allegedly cutting Gonzalez’s throat with a hunting knife. The first-degree murder charge was filed Tuesday in Blue Earth County Court. Investigators reported Minissale also tried to kill Gonzalez’s husband, Galo Buccio. Minissale’s attorney Brock Hunter said he has requested a psychological evaluation for Minissale who is a military veteran. The Veterans’ Administration had also recommended a psychological evaluation for Minissale before his arrest, but her reportedly hadn’t been seen by any doctors.