New Ulm City Council Recap 05 Jun 13

The New Ulm City Council on Tuesday revisited a proposed lease agreement for M-R Paving to manage the city’s compost and burn site after councilors had asked for some clarification in the wording of the contract. Councilor Ruth Ann Webster says that the changes in the lease accomplish what she had been hoping for, which is a guarantee that residents will still be able to drop of yard waste free of charge. The lease will save the city around around $30,000 annually, as well as bring in rental income that is tied to inflation. The Council’s requested changes to the lease were intended to keep the operation of the site similar to the city’s current setup. M-R will be selling the compost generated at the site along with other products, and will also expand the site’s hours of operation. The wood burning area will be converted into a wood chipping site as well. The deal will still take a couple of months before it is finalized.