Preventing Senior Scams Legislation 23 May 13

One of the new laws that emerged from the 2013 Minnesota legislative session aims to prevent seniors and others from being scammed through wire transfers of money. Chief Author Representative Joe Atkins says that money transfers to locations other than the original destination will no longer be allowed. He says: “If your money gets sent someplace and is being picked up or attempted to be picked up in a place other than where you sent it, you would get notification. This is a key feature in these scams. They never pick up the money where you sent it, because they know that they could get caught.” The other part of the new law, which is supported by groups such as the AARP and will take effect August 1st, is the development of a “Do Not Send” list. That will allow people to sign up themselves and their elderly relatives so they are not allowed to wire transfer funds.