Nursing Home Pay Raise Passed 20 May 13

The Legislature has sent Governor Dayton an $11-billion package of spending on health and assistance programs that includes a 5% pay increase for nursing home workers. The Senate passed the Democratic-crafted bill on Saturday afternoon by a 39-28 vote along party lines. The House passed the bill late Friday. It funds medical and other assistance programs that together make up nearly a third of all projected state spending in the next two years. The pay increase for nursing home workers is the first in four years. The bill also has a smaller, 1% hike for care workers for the disabled. Republicans say those workers deserve more, given that Democrats are raising more than $2-billion in new tax revenue in their budget plan. Lawmakers were busy passing budget bills over the weekend, and convene again today (MON) as they head toward tonight’s midnight deadline to adjourn the 2013 session.