Fairmont Vehicular Homicide Hearing 08 May 13

A court hearing on Monday for a Fairmont woman facing multiple charges of criminal vehicular homicide was canceled, but the case continues to move forward. 26-year-old Alicia Tapia reportedly lost control of her Jeep 4-door wagon at just after 8 o’clock the morning of March 3rd on Highway 4 north of Dunnell, and the vehicle went off the road and rolled. Tapia and a 4-year-old passenger both suffered serious injuries. A 9-year-old received minor injuries, and her 6-year-old son was killed. Tapia’s attorney has requested a contested probable cause hearing in an effort to suppress evidence, including results from a blood test that showed that Tapia was heavily intoxicated at the time of the crash. The argument is that the blood test was obtained without a search warrant. The attorney also wants to suppress any statements Tapia may have given and any other evidence. A probable cause hearing has yet to be scheduled. Tapia remains in custody in the Faribault County Jail.