State Trooper Squad Cars Getting Hit 03 Apr 13

The Minnesota State Patrol says March has been a particularly dangerous month for troopers. Four squad cars have been hit as troopers assisted motorists along Minnesota interstates and highways, including a crash on Saturday when a trooper was rear-ended by a passing vehicle on Interstate-694. The patrol says 10 squads have been struck this year. And, since 2010, 79 trooper squads have been hit. State Patrol officials are reminding motorists of Minnesota’s “move over” law that requires drivers to move to the next lane on multi-lane roadways to give troopers room to work safely. The Ted Foss “move over” law is named for the trooper who was killed in 2000 by a passing vehicle as he responded to a crash on Interstate-90.

  • birchcoulee

    they park on the road, stop cars on curves. I’m can’t believe
    more people are not hurt