St. Peter National Robotics Award 30 Apr 13

The St. Peter High School “Nordic Storm” robotics team was presented a prestigious award at a national competition over the weekend. The 25-student team constructed its own 120-pound robot for the competition, which this year involved robots shooting Frisbees through slots on 2 metal pyramids. The national competition in St. Louis, Missouri, involved 650 teams from 37 countries competing in front of a crowd of more-than 25,000 spectators. During the regional competition that earned the St. Peter team their trip to nationals, they were given the “Engineering Inspiration” award and a $5,000 grant for their robot’s climbing ability. During the national competition, most of the robots created by the around 10,000 students taking part were launching Frisbees from ground level. But St. Peter’s Nordic Storm focused on their robot’s climbing ability, earning them the “Creativity Award” for their unique creation. This was the second year in a row the St. Peter team took part in the national robotics competition.