Springfield Felony Assault With A Sword 05 Apr 13

 A 22-year-old Springfield man was charged with felony 1st-degree assault in Brown County Court on Thursday in what had originally been called an incident of attempted murder. Ronald Richard Wenisch was arrested at around 1:30 a-m Thursday after allegedly breaking into the residence of a 21-year-old Springfield woman and assaulting her with a sword. The woman reportedly fought off Wenisch and fled the scene. She was hospitalized with unidentified injuries, but is reportedly recovering after receiving 37 stitches in the shoulder area. Witnesses say that Wenisch was covered in blood when he was taken into custody, and had no idea why he was being arrested. He reportedly claimed that the occupants of the home had been “making fun of him.” An attempted homicide charge had been pending against Wenisch on Thursday, but he has only been charged with assault at this time. He remains in custody, with bail set at 250-thousand dollars.