Prolific Bank Robber Pleads Guilty 23 Apr 13

An ex-convict accused of robbing banks across Minnesota as the “Man in Black” has pleaded guilty to one of the robberies. 50-year-old Mark Wetsch pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday to holding up a bank in Brewster on January 3rd, 2012, the robbery that led to his capture. Wetsch was arrested later that day while driving through St. Peter on his way back to the Twin Cities. He represented himself at the hearing on Monday, although he was accompanied by his standby attorney. The federal judge in the case says that Wetsch must still face two back-to-back trials on 12 other robberies beginning June 3rd. Banks in St. Peter and Gaylord are among those other banks he is accused of robbing. Wetsch got his “Man in Black” nickname because he allegedly held up some of the banks wearing all-black clothing. He previously served time in federal prison for defrauding a Twin Cities nursing home out of more than a million dollars.