Nibbe Wrongful Death Lawsuit 20 Apr 13

The wrongful death lawsuit against a Lake Crystal woman convicted of murdering her husband had a hearing in court on Friday. James Nibbe was shot to death while he slept in August of 2010, and Jennifer Nibbe later confessed to the murder and was sentenced to 17 years in prison and over 8 years of supervised release. James Nibbe’s family members are seeking punitive damages in the wrongful-death lawsuit in addition to general damages because of the intentional and malicious nature of the death. They’re also hoping to ensure that Jennifer Nibbe never profits from the murder, and the family does not intend to profit from the lawsuit. Any money received will reportedly be put into a nonprofit foundation. The judge will now be asked to rule on whether Nibbe is liable for her husband’s death, and a hearing is scheduled in June to set a trial date.