Governor Dayton Against Gas Tax 10 Apr 13

The Minnesota House and Senate Transportation Committees’ transportation budget bills have been delayed after Governor Dayton announced that he would not support a gas tax increase. These bills would have included the tax hike to fund “Corridors of Commerce,” which was a funding program designed to help complete projects such as the expansion of Highway 14. Local State Representative Clark Johnson is urging anyone concerned about Highway 14 to contact the governor and urge him to support the gas tax in order to fund work on Highway 14. Transportation Committees are scheduled to meet today (WED) to pass a budget, but if support for an increased investment in Minnesota’s highways cannot be reached, current budget funding levels will most likely be advanced. Local officials say that to let Governor Dayton know that you support the Corridors of Commerce program contact him via phone or email. The governor’s phone number is 1-800-657-3717, and via email: