Suspicious Man Near Local Daycare 15 Mar 13

The Springfield Police Department is asking local area residents to be on the alert after a report of a suspicious man taking pictures outside a daycare center. A man driving a black Saturn car with dark windows was spotted about a half-block away from a Springfield daycare Wednesday evening. The man apparently had a long-range style camera pointed in the direction of the daycare, and he was there for about 10 minutes. The daycare provider told police she had received a call a few weeks earlier from a man claiming to work for Pampers who asked several questions about the kids in the daycare. Similar calls have been reported across the state in recent weeks, including several such calls in Sibley County. Pampers denies any knowledge of the calls. A man in a suspicious vehicle has been seen taking pictures outside daycare centers and at bus stops in several other local communities recently as well. Anyone witnessing suspicious activity is asked to contact local law enforcement, and anyone receiving a suspicious phone call should not reveal any personal information.