St. Peter Drug Deal Arrest 18 Mar 13

A St. Peter man who had previously been accused of kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend now faces multiple felony charges after a recent drug bust. A confidential informant for the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force reported buying methamphetamine from 29-year-old Nielsen Francis Ove, and a search of his vehicle allegedly turned up 7 grams of meth as well as empty baggies with drug residue and some needles and loose bullets. Ove admitted to having a handgun in his possession as well, even though he is a convicted felon. He’s now facing several drug possession and drug sales charges, as well as receiving stolen property, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and storing methamphetamine paraphernalia and waste near a child. Ove pleaded guilty to terroristic threats in January for the incident in which he was accused of kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend because he thought she was breaking up with him. He’s scheduled to be sentenced for that crime on April 8th. Ove had previously pleaded guilty to fleeing police in a motor vehicle for a 2009 incident in Kasota as well.