New Ulm School Board Resignation 28 Mar 13

New Ulm District 88 School Board member Jill Hulke will be resigning next week after learning that she is ineligible to serve on the board. That’s because she lives in rural Courtland, just across the District 88 border within the boundaries of the Nicollet School District. This fact was just reportedly discovered last week when Hulke brought her children in for early childhood screening in New Ulm. She had signed an affidavit stating that she is a resident of District 88 when she initially filed for the seat on the school board last year. District officials went by this sworn statement and did no further checking, and the situation is believed to have been an oversight by everyone involved. Following Hulke’s resignation, the school board will appoint a replacement to fill the seat until the November 2014 general election. The board will invite people interested in serving to contact the Superintendent’s Office and declare their interest. If several candidates come forward, the board will hold interviews and select the person they deem the best choice.