More Sex Charges For Fairfax Man 08 Mar 13

A 37-year-old Fairfax man charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct over allegations that he sexually assaulted pre-teen girls has been charged with another count after new evidence surfaced recently. Troy Matthew Berger now faces four counts of criminal sexual conduct in Sibley County for allegedly molesting three young children over a period of several years. The new charge was added after one of the alleged victims was examined at a local hospital and told the staff about incidents not mentioned previously. The crimes also allegedly occurred in Nicollet and Renville Counties, and Berger faces more than 2-dozen felony counts all together. A court appearance on Thursday in Sibley County was rescheduled for March 21st. Berger’s wife, Shelly Kay Berger faces one count of child endangerment as well for allegedly knowing about the sexual abuse and not reporting it.

  • Amber Neville

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