Minnesota Getting Electronic Bingo 19 Mar 13

The Minnesota Gambling Control Board has approved electronic bingo to help pay for the state’s share of the Minnesota Vikings’ new $975-million football stadium. The “linked bingo” games allow gamblers at different locations to play together, increasing the size of jackpots. E-bingo comes months after the Legislature approved the first electronic pulltab machines, which are now in about 200 locations, including several in New Ulm. So far pulltab revenue has fallen far short of initial projections. Supporters claim that adding e-bingo – with jackpots as high as $75,000 – will help boost interest for the games, both among charities that sponsor them and among players. The board approved the game on Monday as an addition to an existing electronic pulltab device. A statewide rollout of e-bingo is expected to start April 1st.