March Food Drive Underway 11 Mar 13

The largest annual food drive in the state is underway. The March Campaign from Minnesota FoodShare seeks to raise enough dollars and pounds to supply 300 food shelves with about half of their annual needs. Spokesperson Julie Schanzenbach Canham says the focus really is twofold. She says: “One, that we would want everybody to be supporting their local food shelf in their community. And then also, what we are able to raise here at Minnesota FoodShare, we distribute out to the food shelves later in the year. So, that helps during that summer lag where they’re maybe not getting as many donations and there’s certainly a big need, because the kids are out of school.” It’s estimated that one in eight Minnesotans lives in a household that sometimes struggles to get enough food. New Ulm Boy and Girl Scouts will be holding their annual “Scouting For Food” drive again this month as well. Bags will be delivered to all homes in New Ulm beginning this coming Saturday, and house-to-house pickup of food donations will begin the following Saturday, March 23rd.