Lawmaker Pay Hikes Proposed 11 Mar 13

Minnesota’s governor and legislators could be in line for their first pay hikes since the late 1990s. The way top state agency managers are paid could also be in line for a substantial restructuring as part of recommendations from the Compensation Council. The council is a panel of appointees representing all three branches of state government. If adopted, the governor’s more-than $120,000 a-year base pay would go up 3% in 2015, and again in 2016. It’s been unchanged since 1998. Legislator pay would be set at one-third of what the governor makes. That would take their $31,140 a-year salaries to $40,890 in 2015. Their last raise was in 1999. The proposal could still change, and no pay hikes would occur unless the Legislature and governor ratify any or all recommendations.