Lake Crystal Wrongful Death Suit 16 Mar 13

The family of a Lake Crystal man murdered by his wife over 2 years ago has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit in an attempt to prevent her from profiting from the killing. James Nibbe was shot to death while he slept in August of 2010, and Jennifer Nibbe confessed to the murder shortly after her arrest that September. She pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder, and was sentenced to 17 years in prison and over 8 years of supervised release. She’ll be in prison until August 2027. James Nibbe’s family members are hoping to ensure that Jennifer Nibbe never profits from the murder, and the family does not intend to profit from the lawsuit. Any money received will be put into a nonprofit foundation. A scholarship fund already has been established in James Nibbe’s name as well, and is funded through an annual golf outing and music festival. Attorneys say that Jennifer Nibbe’s confession should make the case an easy one to win.