E-Pulltabs Are Falling Short Early 01 Mar 13

A major funding source for the new Vikings stadium — electronic pulltabs — continues to fall significantly short of expectations according to the latest state budget forecast. The prediction for e-pulltab revenue has been reduced 15 million dollars this year and 46 million in 2014/15. Officials say, based on that projection, stadium-related spending will exceed expected e-pulltab revenues by 12 million in 2015 and 31 million in 2017. Governor Dayton says there are fallback revenue sources such as a surcharge on suites or another lottery game, but predicts “in a year’s time we’ll see significant improvement.” When asked whether the Vikings stadium opening date might have to be pushed back, Dayton said “no.” And would he be open to racino or casino proposals to help fund the stadium? “Not at this time, no,” says the governor.