Arlington Light Removal Delay 06 Mar 13

The temporary deactivation of the traffic light at the intersection of Highway 5 and Main Street in Arlington that had been scheduled to take place on Monday has been delayed so that Mn/DOT can repaint the pedestrian crosswalk on Highway 5. This comes after officials determined that both motorists and pedestrians would benefit from additional emphasis being added to the pedestrian crossings prior to the signal’s deactivation. The removal of the signal is expected to improve traffic flow, and Mn/DOT will be evaluating the intersection’s operations over a 90 day period after the stop light is taken out. If there are no adverse effects to traffic then the signal will be permanently removed. Mn/DOT crews will have to wait for temperatures to warm up before being able to repaint the crosswalk, so the temporary stop light deactivation is now scheduled to occur in early April.