NU Doctor Steals Pain Meds 14 Feb 13

A physician at the New Ulm Medical Center is facing 3 felony controlled-substance charges in Brown County Court over allegations that he stole pain medication from a vulnerable adult. Investigators say that 59-year-old Doctor David Miller of New Ulm stole upwards of 60 Oxycontin pills. New Ulm Police Investigator Jeff Hohensee says that they were able to set up hidden surveillance cameras to record a scenario where Doctor Miller went to meet with the patient, and when he left there were pills that were removed from the patient that were found on him. The surveillance video reportedly showed Doctor Miller pocketing the pain pills and then trying to cover it up by putting over-the-counter drugs into the pill bottle. An investigation is underway to determine if there are more victims and if there was medication stolen from the hospital. A statement from the New Ulm Medical Center says that they are still gathering information on the charges, and any follow-up in regards to Miller’s employment will be handled internally and confidentially.

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    who is that a pic not doc miller