New Charges For Raw Milk 27 Feb 13

A Gibbon area dairy farmer is again facing criminal charges in connection with selling unpasteurized milk and other food products. 59-year-old Michael Hartmann is accused of selling raw milk products and of failing to bring his dairy farm into compliance with state regulations. The 3 new charges stem from a January search of the Hartmann farm. State investigators allegedly found 300 gallons of bottled, unpasteurized milk on the farm in January. Hartmann is charged with selling raw milk, mislabeling food products and selling food without a license. In 2010 state health officials reportedly linked more than a dozen illnesses, including E. coli infections, to Hartmann’s raw milk products, and he eventually pleaded guilty to charges stemming from that outbreak. Prosecutors say Hartmann has violated his plea agreement with the latest charges. He has also been charged with illegally delivering unpasteurized milk to customers in the Twin Cities in January. State law bans such deliveries.