Criminal Sex Suspect Wife Charged 14 Feb 13

A Fairfax woman accused of allowing her husband to sexually abuse underage girls for several years is scheduled to make her first appearance in court today (THU). 36-year-old Shelly Kay Berger faces one count of child endangerment after knowingly permitting the continuous sexual abuse of a child for allegedly knowing about 37-year-old Troy Matthew Berger’s behavior and not reporting it. He faces a total of 23 criminal sexual conduct charges in Nicollet County, as well as several counts in Sibley and Renville Counties, over allegations that he sexually assaulted 3 pre-teen girls once or twice a week for several years. The abuse reportedly occurred while the Bergers lived in Bernadotte, Gibbon and Winthrop. Troy Berger is in custody in the Sibley County Jail, and will be back in court March 7th.

  • Sick to stomach!

    she should be charged alot more! for knowing that this is going on n not doing anything about it is just as wrong as to what happend to those poor children!

  • Luvyababe2001

    AMEN!!!!!! I pray to god these 3 girls are never returned to their care again!!!!

  • fromNU

    If you knew her, you wouldn’t be a big shock

  • mel

    She claims she never knew I’ve met this woman an not to be the devils advocate but what if she is as much a victim as he is it seems from the hate she has for him and the things she says that she possibly is a domestic violence victim

  • mel

    I mean as they are victims not he that man is a pig