Big Marijuana Bust On I-90 23 Feb 13

A 51-year-old woman from Utah is facing felony drug charges in Minnesota after authorities allegedly found over 400-pounds of marijuana in a trailer she was hauling along Interstate-90. A State Trooper pulled over Jill Nielsen for speeding near the Highway 15 exit on I-90 in Fairmont Sunday morning, but as the trooper talked to Nielsen he noticed signs that she was engaging in criminal activity. Nielsen reportedly gave an address that was traced to a UPS store and box number, but her name came back with criminal convictions from California, and her ID said she was from Utah. Her answers then are said to have become more evasive and were not making sense, so the trooper asked to search Nielsen’s vehicle, and she consented. A search of the vehicle turned up large bundles of cash. And inside the trailer were 68 packages containing 442-pounds of marijuana worth more than a million dollars. Nielsen faces up to 30 years in prison on the 1st-degree drug charges.