Wintry Warmup Coming Soon 22 Jan 13

Our temperatures in the local area are expected to make it above-zero today (TUE), but not by much. Today’s high for the KNUJ Listening Area is expected to maybe make it to 5-degrees above zero, although the wind will not be as much of a factor as on Monday. Meteorologist Steve Woolenhouse says that we should make it back into the teens by Wednesday, with the warmup then continuing until we hit the 30s on Sunday. The high temp yesterday (MON) in New Ulm was only 1-degree-below-zero, which was the first time in almost exactly 2 years that New Ulm has experienced a negative high like that. The last time we didn’t make it out of sub-zero temps for a day was January 23rd, 2011. In northern Minnesota on Monday temperatures bottomed out in the negative-30-degree range.