St. Peter Hospitals Clash 17 Jan 13

River’s Edge Hospital in St. Peter is asking the Minnesota Attorney General’s office to investigate the Mayo Clinic Health System for alleged predatory business practices. River’s Edge officials say that the St. Peter Mayo Clinic had lied to patients requesting to stay at River’s Edge for treatment, saying that it was full. River’s Edge CEO Colleen Spike says that deceptive trade practice means that someone is saying something about someone else’s business that isn’t true. River’s Edge officials also say that Mayo is using the tactics in an attempt to purchase the hospital outright, and they feel that Mayo is monopolizing medicine in southern Minnesota, with hospitals and clinics in numerous communities, including Madelia, Springfield, St. James, Truman, Lake Crystal, and more. The 2 entities are reportedly putting together a commission to work through the issues, and there has been no word from the Attorney General’s office at this time.