Sexual Assault Doctor Trial 09 Jan 13

The criminal trial of an eye doctor accused of sexually assaulting two of his patients got underway on Tuesday. Todd Gavin is facing two felony and two gross misdemeanor charges for allegedly having the female patients remove their clothing so he could examine their breasts during eye exams in 2010 while he was employed at the Mankato Clinic. Gavin now practices in Madelia. His attorney says that what is being described as predatory behavior was just Gavin being a good doctor. The charges were filed in July of 2011 after one of his patients told police she had been sexually assaulted by Gavin. He had already been reprimanded by the state for inappropriately touching other female patients as well. His trial began on Tuesday with testimony from the police officer who investigated the case as well as both of the alleged victims. The trial is expected to go on all week.

  • Anonymous

    why would anyone take off their clothes for an eye exam?  daaa