NU City Council Recap 16 Jan 13

The New Ulm City Council on Tuesday approved a motion that gives a member of the city council a permanent seat on the New Ulm Park and Rec Commission. The council representative on the 8-seat commission had previously been a non-voting member, but that was changed during the brief meeting Tuesday. The move is intended to give the Council a more direct say in the Commission, as well as a way of preventing stalemate votes. Councilor Ken RockVam will fill the new position. The council also received a report on the city’s special archery hunt deer control program in 2012. A total of 50 permits were issued for the 80-day season. There were 536 deer sightings over that time, and 60 deer were taken, including 2 bucks and 43 does. This was the 21st year the special hunt has been held in New Ulm.