No missteps in Security Hospital incidents 11 Jan 13

State regulators who investigated the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter after two incidents on the same day last year found no indication the facility mishandled those incidents. One of those incidents was when a man on a day pass stabbed his mother. Jerry Kerber with the Minnesota Department of Human services says protocol was used when the hospital gave Burton James Ewing a day pass. Ewing and his mother ended up at Seven Mile Creek Park when authorities say Ewing began stabbing his mother, leaving her in critical condition. The same day, William Daniel Pfeffer escaped from the hospital and was found by law enforcement the next day. The privileges Pfeffer had at the facility were then revoked and the Department of Human Services found no signs that he would escape. Burton Ewing’s court case is still pending in Nicollet County. He is facing five felony counts.