Hog Breeder Suing USDA 05 Jan 13

A Nicollet County hog breeder is suing the United State Department of Agriculture over allegations that improper testing has kept the business from selling hogs to China. Representatives of Compart’s Boar Store of rural Nicollet say that the company will lose more than $3.4-million in Chinese business after faulty testing at the National Veterinary Services Laboratories in Ames, Iowa resulted in Compart’s being barred from exporting to China for two years. Those Iowa laboratories are overseen by the USDA. Test results for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome for a group of hogs selected to be sent to China had come up “inconclusive,” results which Compart’s says were based on poor testing and a misinterpretation of observations by laboratory staff. Tests reportedly done on the same hogs by Compart’s employees came up negative for PRRS, but the USDA would not change the original findings. As a result of the original tests, Compart’s lost $238,000 on that hog shipment, and nearly $3.2-million more as a result of being placed on the Chinese export blacklist for two years.