Child Neglect Court Date 03 Jan 13

The rural North Mankato couple accused of starving their 8-year-old adopted child appeared in court Wednesday. The boy reportedly weighed less than 35-pounds when he was taken from Russell and Mona Hauer in November. The 2 now face 6 felony charges for the alleged abuse, including neglect and malicious punishment of a child. The Hauers reportedly put an alarm on the boy’s bedroom door to keep him from taking food because he had what they claimed was a “Food Hoarding” problem. The boy remains in foster care, although the Hauers have been allowed to keep their 3 other children. In court on Wednesday, the Hauers both pleaded Not Guilty to all of the charges against them, and their attorney filed a motion to have the charges dismissed. The Hauers criminal trial is scheduled to start in May, and a trial on whether to terminate their parental rights to all four children starts on Monday.