Cats Tortured In New Richland 26 Jan 13

Authorities in New Richland are investigating reports of cats being tortured and killed in the community. Two such incidents have been reported in recent weeks. One reportedly involved a group of adolescents torturing and kicking a cat to death, and then throwing its body onto a roof. Another incident is said to have involved the decapitated body of a cat bearing stab wounds being found on a roof as well. New Richland authorities say that information continues to be gathered in both cases.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they really are investigating.  I stumbled across this site looking for information about tortured cats in my hometown.  So far, I haven’t found anything.  These sick adolescents are the serial killers of tomorrow.  They need to be stopped now.  And since these people are so dangerous, if animal protection laws are not strong enough, make them strong enough.  Animal lovers love their pets like children.  They consider them part of their family.  And this happens.  It is heartbreaking.  What if it were your child?