Arlington Administrator Search 26 Jan 13

The Arlington City Council has hired an interim administrator for the community in reaction to the upcoming resignation of Arlington Administrator Matt Jaunich. Cynthia Smith-Strack will serve as interim administrator following Jaunich’s departure from the position on February 8th. He has accepted the newly-created job of Sibley County Administrator. Smith-Strack currently provides up to 8 hours a week of planning and zoning development duties for Arlington, and will work an additional 14 hours a week while serving as interim administrator. The search for a new Arlington Administrator is expected to take about 16 weeks, and the city council has hired a search firm to assist in the process. That’s costing the city more than $18,800 dollars. The recruitment for the position will begin February 12th, with the application deadline being March 15th. Candidates will then be interviewed during the month of April, with the hope being to have the new administrator begin their duties in Arlington by June 1st.