2012 Weather Extremes 02 Jan 13

The year 2012 was one of weather extremes in Minnesota. There was very little winter, temperatures reached the 60s in January and the 70s in March, and it turned out to be the third-warmest year on record. National Weather Service Meterologist Todd Krause says the tornado season came early too – on March 19th when a twister near Elysian was on the ground for seven miles. It was the second-earliest Minnesota tornado on record, with the earliest being on March 18th in St. James in the 1960s. Krause says it was also one of the latest tornado seasons in the state, and the 4 tornadoes southeast of the Twin Cities in November were the most on record for that month. There were also tornadoes that touched down in Renville County and near Belle Plaine in 2012. All 37 tornadoes in Minnesota last year were rated EF-Zero, the least destructive category. 2012 missed breaking the record for the warmest year ever by just two-tenths of a degree. In New Ulm in 2012, there were no days where the temperature hit triple-digits. The warmest it got in New Ulm in 2012 was 98-degrees, on both June 28th and July 7th.