Woman Burglar In Waseca 11 Dec 12

A 42-year-old Medford woman faces multiple felony charges for allegedly burglarizing a Waseca home over the weekend. Judie Lynn Kotek was taken into custody after reportedly fleeing from the shotgun-wielding homeowner and being chased, and caught, by that homeowner’s police officer neighbor. Kotek had apparently attempted to hide in a bedroom when the homeowner and his wife returned to the residence Saturday night. Authorities say that when the homeowner confronted Kotek with a 12-gauge shotgun she brandished a knife found in the home and tried to escape. The homeowner then struck her with the shotgun and a chase ensued. That’s when the homeowner got the attention of his off-duty police officer neighbor, who caught Kotek about a block away. Stolen items were found in her possession. She’s been charged with five felonies, and bail is set at $50,000.