School Bus Assault Deal 13 Dec 12

A Blue Earth Area school bus driver accused of slapping a 6-year-old boy has reportedly reached an agreement with prosecutors. 72-year-old Jane Brooks of Blue Earth was facing up to 90 days in jail on a 5th-degree assault charge for the incident. The boy had reportedly been hitting a smaller child and refused to move seats. When Brooks physically moved him, he began kicking and spitting on nearby children, and when he refused to stop Brooks reportedly slapped him across the face. Under the deal announced this week, Brooks promises to have no assault-related or disorderly conduct-related violations for a year. If she successfully completes those terms the state will dismiss the assault charge. If there is another incident in that year the state could reinstate the criminal proceedings against her.

  • Mariehutch

    So the bus driver is in trouble and not the kid????? I don’t get it !