Safe Routes To School 18 Dec 12

When state lawmakers return to St. Paul next month, they’ll again consider a program that aims to help kids get to class and back on their own. Safe Routes to School funding could be used for everything from sidewalks and cross walks to bike lanes and pedestrian bridges. State Representative Melissa Hortman will author a Safe Routes to School bill in the 2013 session. She says these types of projects always bring a large return on investment for the state. She says “Because they’re usually a collaboration between a city, a county and a school district, and with all the members of that team working together, we make sure that the funding is targeted at the most effective projects.” A transportation task force appointed by Governor Dayton recommends funding Safe Routes to School, saying children’s safety should be a priority. More information is available through the Minnesota Department of Transportation website, and supporters have put a video online as well. The St. Peter School District received a nearly $174,000 grant in 2006 for Safe Routes To School infrastructure improvements.