NHL Cancels More Games 21 Dec 12

The National Hockey League has announced the cancellation of its regular-season schedule through January 14. The latest announcement came six days after the league revealed it had filed a class action complaint in federal court, just hours after the NHL got wind that its Players’ Association would ask its executive board to proceed with a vote to file a disclaimer of interest. That is a precursor to decertify the union in order to proceed with class action and antitrust lawsuits. No further talks between factions have occurred since a second go-around with federal mediators failed last week. No further progress on creating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement has been made since both sides met in a round of intense talks in New York two weeks ago. Thursday’s announcement brings the total number of contests lost to the lockout that started Sept. 16 to 625, more than half of all games originally planned. The Wild have already missed 32 games and through January 14th, that total will climb to 43.