New Ulm Gas Station Burglary 20 Dec 12

A 19-year-old New Ulm man faces felony burglary charges after allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars worth of cigarettes from a New Ulm gas station, and then walking home from the scene of the crime in the snow. Matthew Russell Lindberg is accused of breaking into SSL Auto Service on North Minnesota Street at some point overnight Saturday and stealing several cartons of cigarettes and packs of cigarillos. When police investigated Sunday morning they noticed distinct shoeprints in the snow near the station, and followed them to a home on North German Street. After obtaining a search warrant, officers discovered several packs of cigarettes, a hammer with a claw that matched pry marks at the gas station, and a pair of sneakers belonging to Matthew Lindberg that had an identical tread pattern to the prints found at the scene. He was charged with 2nd-degree burglary on Tuesday and remains in custody, with bail set at $25,000.