Election Recount Complete 01 Dec 12

The recount in State Senate District 20 wrapped up on Friday, meaning that the 2012 election is now officially over in Minnesota. A 78-vote margin triggered the recount in District 20 in the race between Kevin Dahle of Northfield and Mike Dudley of New Prague, and after re-counting all of the ballots in Le Sueur, Rice, and Scott Counties, Dahle still emerged the winner. He ended up with the same number of votes – 20,628. Dudley actually gained 6 votes in the recount, to finish with 20,550, a 72-vote margin. Dahle returns to the Capitol 2 years after losing a close race to Republican Al DeKruif of rural Elysian, who now lives in a different district following the Legislative Redistricting process. The recount finalizes the 39-28 DFL majority in the Senate, which combined with their new 73-61 majority in the State House of Representatives, and a Democrat in the governor’s office, means that the party is now in complete control of Minnesota’s state government.